Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Functional And Stylish Watches for Willy!

Willy would like to be a famous cook like all of these folks on the Food Network on TV.  Willy tries to cook good and Willy tries to have great recipes and to have great style and presentation on all of his dishes.  However, Willy has been watching closely and one of the places that I am failing is in style.

I have recently noticed that many of these cooks are wearing some type of fancy, cool watch such as a jacques lemans watch   This is probably the reason that Willy is not famous.  Willy does not look cool enough.  So Willy questions himself as to how he can become cool like these cooks and probably land that great network cooking deal.  Well, Willy goes to the World Wide Web and finds a site like that has all kinds of cool watches. 

Willy began to search this site which was very easy to navigate and found that it appears that they have a great variety of great and cool watches along with a mighty selection of very practical watches for almost every type, style and design that a person might want. 

So, now Willy knows that whether he wants that cool watch to help Willy launch his network career or if Willy wants a watch to scuba dive in or if Willy wants a watch just to work in, then these are available and easy to find.  They are well priced and easy to find.

10-4 Willy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer and Home Made Ice Cream

Summer is designed for Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Home Made Ice Cream.

Especially Mrs. Willy's home made ice cream.  She makes great ice cream.  She is famous for her award winning vanilla.  County fair many years ago she went up against many exotic flavors of ice cream and won first with her vanilla.  Made lots of people aggravated.

However, she most of the time crunches up butterfinger candy bars and mixes into her vanilla and it is always a hit also.

Willy loves ice cream and summer is an excuse to eat more than he should

10- 4 - and that is what is cooking with Willy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gourmet Hot Dogs

Willy believes summer time is time for Gourmet Hot Dogs.

What is a gourmet hot dog you ask Willy! 
Well, Willy says that you take a premium all beef wiener. 
You take that wiener and grill it over charcoal.  This gives a great flavor.
Take and grill a good brand of hot dog bun slightly on the grill.
Put a premium yellow mustard or your favorite mayo or both on the bun.
Spread some sweet pickle relish on the bun to cover the entire bun slightly.
Place the wiener on the bun.
Put on your favorite heated Chili.
Put on some great sweet vidalia onions - chopped fine.


10-4 Willy 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Willy Cleans with Cook Top Cleaner - Great

The smooth flat top stoves that we have today are very neat and are Willy believes they are about the best thing that has been invented over the years in cooking innovations.  Willy moved into a new house about three years ago and with that move Willy's cooking began on a new stove with this type of surface.

What Willy found out real soon was that as great as these tops are to cook on, they are also brutal to clean when Willy has a spill as Willy does quite often.  These tops are beautiful when clean but not so nice looking if you let the burnt on stuff accumulated at all.

That is when a good cook top cleaner comes in handy.  What was great was that with Willy's new stove when he moved into this new house was a sample bottle of  Weiman Glass Cook Stove Cleaner.  Thankfully this product is great in keeping the smooth ceramic stove top clean.  Willy, and most of the time Willy's wife,  uses this cleaner simply and easily about every third time that the stove top is cleaned and because of this the beautiful black ceramic/glass oven top stays beautiful and keeps its great, slick, like new shiny appearance.

So, what Willy is saying is even though this type of oven top is great looking, it also takes great products like Weiman's products to keep it in great shape. 

Willy simply says about this - 10-4.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Willy's Grouper Experiment

Willy likes pan seared grouper at a local restaurant.   Therefore, Willy decides that he will buy some grouper and try to duplicate the dish.

Well, Willy seasons up the grouper and puts it in a pan of grease to fry.  Willy fries about 4 minutes on each side.  Then Willy takes the fish out of the pan and gets rid of most of the grease.  Willy then sears the grouper in the pan on both sides.  Looks pretty good.

Willy eats on the fis but clearly believes it is just not real good.

Willy will leave the cooking of the grouper to the restaurant. 

Bring Willy some fried catfish please.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pimiento Cheese with Pecans

Wife tried a new recipe this weekend.  She basically took a simple Pimiento Cheese recipe and added Pecans to it.

We took it with us for sandwiches but odd thing is that we used it mostly as a dip with potato chips and corn chips.  By the way we were fishing and caught about 5 eatable trout.  Plan on cooking those in the next week. 

Willy will let you know how the trout are cooked and how they come out.

10-4 Willy