Sunday, July 31, 2011

Humble Pie is Cooking in America

Willy is under the impression that humble pie needs to be cooking in Washington in the very near future.  The politicians and the President all feel like they have a point to prove when it is no one but the American people who will suffer.

The government has been running a scheme for ever and it is now time to pay the piper.  What does that mean to me.  It may mean beans and cornbread.  However, Willy knows how to cook that.

What does it really mean for the government to default on its debt.  It could mean that they should not have gotten there in the first place.

They arrest Willy when he does not pay his debt or he steals like the government has stolen from the American People.

10-4 Willy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RevLocal knows Internet Marketing.

Willy is cooking up some ideas about something called RevLocal.  What is RevLocal you ask.  Well it is a service of ECR Online Marketing Solutions.  Willy finds that this place has been in the Internet business for 17 years.  That was almost before Al Gore evented this world wide web.  During that time this company has been  providing Internet access, web hosting, SEO, and SEM solutions.. This company has brands that have competed with and maintained first page listings.  They have been very competitive in keyword search terms. ECR has great record of providing customer value by delivering great experience, great relationships, tools, and a process that is highly affective.
RevLocal's goal is to find Small and Medium sized businesses who need help with Local Internet Marketing particularly taking advantage of what can be done with their Google Place page and Bing Local profile.
They do this by keeping databases continually updated in local search engines, and keeping these search engines inundated with consistent and specific information about its clients.  Keeping this consistent and dynamic makes it more available.

Willy believes that there are several markets out there that can benefit from all of the information above.:
Small to mid-sizes businesses that have a Local focus who needs local search marketing Business owners who are frustrated with the lack of getting their money's worth in their Yellow Pages and other marketing investments.
Business owners who are starting to realize things are changing online, and need strategy help in how to respond and how to get on the top listing of that local search

So if you are interested in  local search engine marketing and the great results that it can bring to you and your business, then Willy is recommending that you cook up some business with this company.  Check out what they can do for you.

That is what is Cooking with Willy today.   10-4 Willy

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taco Kit

Willy's wife has been ill and Willy is relegated to doing most of the cooking at home.  So guess what Willy might cook?

Tonight, Willy made the great Taco Supper.  Yes, it was great because it was easy, quick, and partial take out.  The Tacos consisted of a Taco Kit from the Market.  Willy cooked ground meat with a sauce from the kit.  Willy then heated up taco shells in the oven.  Willy then had cheese dip and chips that were from Faby's close by. 

Willy finished it up and declared - it is done.  Willy's wife ate the tacos along with chips and dips.

Good food and easy.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's Cooking Willy

There is roast in the oven
There are peas on the stove
The kin folks are coming
Yes coming by droves

Ice Cream is a freezing
Grandma is a wheezing
Willy is looking forward
to see them a leaving.

10-4 Willy

Monday, July 11, 2011

Willy Likes Gold

Willy is cooking up some ideas on investments and all that Willy can think of is the price of gold.   The gold price
is so outstanding now that Willy believes that if he had a large pot of gold he could then make lots of money.  What about you?  Are you familiar with gold prices or possibly are you trading on the gold spot market?  If you are trading on the spot gold market then you probably understand how you can make money doing this.

So, why is gold so high?  Why does Willy think about it all the time and want to trade gold all the time.  Why does Willy want to cook up some ideas to make money on the gold market?  The answer to all of this can be found by looking at  Are you vexed and perplexed by gold?  You need to check it out.

Willy is cooking up this idea.  If you are interested then check out all of the ideas that might be available for everyone to see.  Why aren't you checking it out yet?

10-4 Willy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot is Cooking in Arkansas.

Arkansas is just about two degrees cooler than hades.  Someone suggested that you could go there form here to cool down.  Temperature today is about 106 degrees and about 50% humidity.  So if you are asked what is Cooking in Arkansas today it could easily be said that anyone that steps outside is cooking in a steam oven.

How hot is it where you are at.  Can it be this hot?

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Cooking with Willy

What will Willy cook on the 4th.  Lets see:
  • Petit Jean Hot dogs - Gourmet style
    • Jumbo Griller dogs from Petit Jean
    • grilled onions
    • relish
    •  mustard
    • jalepano
    • and anything else you like on your dog.

  • Pork Butte
    • cooked in the smoker about 6 hours.
    • chopped fine
    • secret spices cut into the meat for final gourmet taste
    • later used in pork plate or pork sandwiches.

  • BBQ brisket
    • smoked for 10 hours
    • basted with a special sauce as it cooks
    • served with secret BBQ sauce
What Will it be.

Willy must decide today.

10-4 Willy