Sunday, May 24, 2009


Willy believes that what this country needs to be cooking up is a little old fashion Freedom Cake:

Ingredients might be something such as:

Many cups of thank you's for those who are serving, will serve or have served.

Many cups of thank you to those who have lost loved ones serving to protect our freedom!

Cups of basic good old fashion honesty in our people and our leaders

Cups of leadership with the gall to stand against those things that are against our basic beliefs.

A cup of president who has a backbone and the guts to do what is right and not say what is politically correct.

A few cups of volunteerism - we can do anything if we get out and do it!

Top it off with a little whip cream of old fashion discipline, religion and love for each other

Throw all of these in this big old pan called America and it might just bake up into a cake that is better than this thing we have now.

Willy says - 10-4.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flat Iron Steak

This is probably not the greatest cut of beef but turns out pretty good. Not a lot of marbling that Willy likes.

Flat Iron steak is a cut that is thick on one end and is about 10 inches long tapering off to very thin.

This allows to cook for about two to three people if some like rare and other like done.

The steak is cooked for on very hot grill for about two minutes on each side. This sears the steak very well and makes it look good.

I then cook about 5 minutes more on each side. This gets the thicker to a medium rare while the thinner end is medium well.

The only seasoning that I use is broiled steak seasoning from McCmorick

Willy cuts thin slices and then the leftovers can be stir fried with onions and seasonings and makes great fajita meat.

10-4 Willy