Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ice Cream

Nothing like a good dish of homemade ice cream. Willy's wife makes the best vanilla and the best butter finger ice cream that can be made. However, those times come only in mid summer and only a couple of times a year.

Well, what does Willy do in the mean time. Willy drives to the Sonic and pushes the button and asks for a Butter finger Blizzard.

A loud voice comes back and says "You want to make that a butter finger BLAST" emphasis on the blast. Willy had messed up and asked for a blizzard which is a Dairy Queen Version at Sonic which has a blast.

10-4 Says Willy - Make it a blast.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What is Cooking Willy!

Hog fans have a couple of good games that are cooking up in Razorback territory.  The fans are going to have some fun with Tyler Wilson, Tyler Wilson and Kniles Davis.  

One of the things that will be missing is Bobby Petrino

Here is a fan that is looking for some fun on the hill or is it one of Bobby Petrino's ex girlfriends.

If you are looking for some fun you might want to join her in Fayetteville.
sex, hot girls, nasty women get it on

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cooking up some Romney and Ryan

Willy hopes that the R & R duo of Romney and Ryan can turn into somehow being Batman and Robin and that they can sweep in and cook up a win in the Presidential election.   It is obvious that something has to change in this country.  We are going to hell in a hand basket.  Whatever that means.

Does anyone truly believe that this country can keep on the same track that it is on at this time and not be in for total doom and destruction.  We must get rid of King Hussein Obama- Sounds like he needs to be running another country.   We have had terrorists with similar names.

What can we do.  We must try the dynamic duo and get Obama out.

That is what is cooking today.

10-4 Willy

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back-to-School BOGO

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Willy know's that it’s back-to-school time because Willy went shopping yesterday and there were people every where.  All of this that means new shoes!

This lead Willy to find that a good thing to do was to shop Famous Footwear for great brands at a great price. They have hundreds of brand name shoes and thousands of styles.

Their stores are easy to shop in. Customers can get in and get out quickly because their stores are not overwhelming. They respect their customer’s times and know they have a lot of other errands to run. You can buy 3 pairs of shoes in 20 minutes at Famous Footwear. That's a VICTORY!

Finding the coolest styles your kids want at the prices you can afford. That’s a VICTORY for Willy!

To celebrate your victory they are offering –
15% off (20% off if the customer is a Rewards member or signs up to become a Rewards member)  Willy would encourage all his buddies to print the coupon and redeem in-store between 8/2 -8/18.  Do it!
BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon is available to those who want to save money.  Willy wants to save money and it even excites Willy to know that If the shoe a customer wants is not in store, they will get it for you through home delivery or on Customers can also order shoes online at and have them shipped to their favorite store for pick-up at no charge.


Here is what Willy believes everyone should do:

Join their FREE Rewards Program -
• Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online
• Accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year
• Discount offer just for signing up
• Other special inside discounts and perk

That is Willy's great tips for today.   10-4 Willy

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A - Cooking up Hot and Gay.

Chick-Fil-A is what is hot in Arkansas today and all over the country.  Chicken folks don't mind gay folks.  They just don't believe like they do.

Gay people have to eat to.  Just as well be chicken as each other..... fighting and moaning at each other just makes it hot.  Women and Women and Men and Men just don't work for Willy either.

Hot - It is hot in Arkansas.   10-4 Willy