Friday, June 24, 2011

American Experience" Best Documentary Series

Thanks to Wm Rowe

History has always been a favorite subject of mine, especially American history so it's an easy call for my favorite series. It has to be “American Experience.” It always manages to relate the past with the present, like airing a special on Martin Luther King, Jr. around his holiday. The series covers all aspects of American life, political, social and cultural. It is separate from the series “American Masters” but sometimes features artists and their work. Mostly, however, the material tries to focus on subjects that cut a wide swath through the national identity. It takes on wars and depressions and presidential campaigns, putting them center stage again for a little analysis. I have HD on my satellite TV with channels that and it makes old footage look vibrant. I also have surround sound and the audio production is exceptional. When they do a war-related program it puts you in the cockpit.

The “American Experience” always has the iconic pictures of history mixed with some that are new to the public. It is a plus that the shows are presented without commercials, especially the 90-minute or 2-hour specials. This really gives the feel of a movie documentary. When you think of PBS you think educational and I'm certain the “American Experience” could be used in the classroom as a teaching tool. It is that good.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Security Hollyridge!

 Willy is cooking up some home security today.  Willy is more specifically looking at home security hollyridge.  Where is this you ask.  Well it it is in Hollyridge SC.  This all has to do with Advanced Direct Security which is an ADT authorized company.  

The next statement would be that all of this has something to do with
What does it have to do with satellite TV is still a little bit of a mystery to this intelligent hillbilly writer.  The website does not say anything that Willy can see.  However, Willy deduces that the monitoring is entering the building by satellite.  What do you think?

Well, if you live in that area and you want a security system, it appears that this might be a good one.  This is my thoughts for this.
10-4 Willy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hot is cooking in arkansas

Too hot to cook you say
Too hot for willy to do anything today
The sun is how over head
It is so much that willie will dread
To do anything

Okay so it doesn't rhyme

Dang hot to worry about that
And you can bet that willie is not cooking

Can you say carryout

10 4 willie

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Willy is getting too fat and Willy is trying to diet to lose weight.  The diet includes protein and some type of potatoes or rice in the morning.   Snacks in morning and afternoon of protein and fruit and then evening meal of protein, vegetables and rice or potatoes.

What Willy believes makes this diet work is that Willy only gets very small portions each time.  The combinations of foods is supposed to be the secret, but Willy knows when you don't stick much in your mouth, you might lose weight. 

By the way - has anybody got some ice cream?

10-4 Willy

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)

Here is another post I've been meaning to get up for a couple weeks.

I posted about atomic buffalo turds one other time, but I didn't really give them their due. We had a pot-luck party a couple weeks ago and I offered to make the appetizer. ABTs were the obvious choice.Start out by cutting the stem off and halving the peppers. Then I like to use a grapefruit spoon to scoop out the membranes and seeds. Just use the teeth of the spoon to cut through the pulp up near the stem. Then simply rake it down the length of the pepper to scoop everything out. If you want them to be hotter, take out the white pulp and seeds, but leave the thin membrane on the inside wall of the pepper. Give em a good rinse now to get extra seeds, pulp, etc. off of them.

Friday, June 10, 2011


A little boy was walking down a dirt road after church one clip_image001Sunday afternoon when he came to a crossroads where he met a little girl coming from the other direction.

'Hello,' said the little boy


'Hi,' replied the little girl.
'Where are you going?' asked the little boy.
'I've been to church this morning and I'm on my way home,' answered the little girl.
'I'm also on my way home from church. Which church do you go to?' asked the little boy.

'I go to the Baptist church back down the road,' replied the little girl. 'What about you? '


'I go to the Methodist church back at the top of the hill,' replied the little boy.

They discover that they are both going the same way so they decided that they'd walk together.

They came to a low spot in the road where spring rains had partially flooded the road, so there was no way that they could get across to the other side without getting wet.

'If I get my new Sunday dress wet, my Mom's going to skin me alive,' said the little girl.

'My Mom'll tan my hide, too, if I get my new Sunday suit wet,' replied the little boy.

'I'll tell you what I think I'll do,' said the little girl. 'I'm gonna pull off all my clothes and hold them over my head and wade acrossclip_image004.'

'That's a good idea,' replied the little boy. 'I'm going to do the same thing with my suit.'

So they both undressed and waded across to the other side without getting their clothes wet. They were standing there in the sun waiting to drip dry before putting their clothes back on, when the little boy finally remarked:

clip_image005'You know, I never realized before just how much difference there really is between a

Baptist and a Methodist!!!'

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check out SMC

Willy thinks he might like to cook up a deal with smc corp which is a specialty merchandise corporation
Willy has written a smc review previously and Willy believes this is a company that Willy could really deal with.  The company provides merchandise that a person can sell at a profit and really make some good money.  The company has a great variety of products that can be appealing to almost anyone.

Willy has thought about doing this several times and Willy might be close to getting there because it just looks more appealing every day.  What can be wrong with making money by selling great novelty products that have a mass appeal to the audiences that Willy frequents. 

The next thing that Willy would have to ask all of his redneck great readers on this wonderful blog is, what about you?  Would SMC be something that each of you would be proud to be linked up with?  Is this a company that is reliable and dependable for each of you.  Willy says it is for him and he believes it would be for others.  Take a look and lets find out.

That is what Willy has to say except for 10-4.

Cooking at the Hospital

Willy's wife just recently spent another 13 days in the hospital.  Willy's wife has had great opportunities to eat hospital food.  They were ok at first but as days went on the food all smelled the same and tasted the same. 

Almost every meal had mashed potatoes and gravy.  Three times she had chicken and dressing or turkey and dressing.   It came to the point that when they brought the tray in Mrs Willy would ask them to read the sheet and in most cases she simply said take it away and asked Willy to go fetch something somewhere else.

Willy needs to cook at the hospital.  Willy would have great food.   Everyone would love it for a few days.

10-4 Willy